Day 50... Budapest, Hungary

Pray for Sistarovat

First, thanks to Gary and Carolyn for going above and beyond in hospitality as they took care of me during all my comings and goings from Debrecen over the past three weeks.  I was really struggling with some fatigue issues earlier this week...and the care I got from the Millers was suuu-perb.
Please pray for Peter and me tomorrow (Friday) as we drive from Budapest back over to Romania.  I've got the honor of being part of something really neat this weekend.  Callum King over at Friendship Camp has put together a weekend retreat for the older ones of the guys we've been working with for a long time.
Even though it's still the middle of winter, we're gonna build fires and use a lot of blankets and rough it up at Friendship Camp for a few days.  I got a facebook message just few minutes ago from one of our old Romania buds, Manu Crista.  He's really excited.  So am I!
At summer camp there are so many kids...and so many things going on.  But this weekend we'll have a chance to be in a small group...made up of the guys from past summers that have been receptive and teachable.  Most of these guys will be believers.  But a few of them will be among the ones who haven't yet decided to follow Christ.
I'm so thankful to Callum, Matthew, and the FI team for putting this together.  This past summer when we were having a small group on the stage across the soccer field, a couple of the guys were saying stuff like:  "Yeah, we just wish we could have more time for questions...and being together like this."  
And so...the FI guys made it happen.  Pretty special.
Pray for us this weekend, that our hearts will receive what our Master wants to give.
Much love in Him,
Ephesians 1:17