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Presenting God’s Word and the truth of His love to kids across the world.

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The Grain Jacket 

3rd Annual Golf Tournament
September 29, 2015


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Jaroslav and David got to learn about Ephesians 4:32 and forgiveness the Grain Game way today. #GrainGameUkraine

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Everyone loves each other at camp in #GrainGameAlaska

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Village outreach in #GrainGameIndia

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Aurivakkam village in #GrainGameIndia

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One of our teachers-in-training in #GrainGameIndonesia

The world is being devastated by a famine of God's Word, and - as with any kind of famine - it is the young who are being hit the hardest. Time is short and yet there is so much to be done before Christ returns.

Therefore, The Grain Game aims to share the redemption story with kids, ages 10-15, in every corner of the world. Using stunts, games, toys, and science tricks, our camps capture the imagination of these kids, point their hearts to Christ and help them store up the grain of God's Word.

Kids' Testimonials

James Bond, 12


The Grain Game is so much fun! I learned about Jesus and got to play some fun games.

Thank you, Eniko! #GrainGameSerbia http://t.co/O2PAibDUiz about 10 hours ago